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Created on 2010-03-20 04:56:11 (#489941), last updated 2010-12-05 (358 weeks ago)

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Name:A Celebration of All That is Sam/Castiel
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:The Pairing That Shall Not Be Named
Is it Sam/Castiel related? Post it here! Fic, recs, art, vids, picspam, discussion, hilarious interviews, you name it, we'll take it.

What's with the community name? It is in the tradition of The Scottish Play -- you know, the Shakespeare play no sensible theatre person will utter the name of. Because your fine community moderator here (that would be [personal profile] niqaeli) finds the pairing smush for Sam/Castiel to be horrifying. Also, hilarious. But still horrifying.

And so, it is known as the Scottish Pairing.

Rules: oh god, really do I have to make rules? Seriously, just show some sense. If it's an NSFW image, put it behind a cut. If it has spoilers, put it behind a cut. If it's a post longer than about 500 words, put it behind a cut. In summary: don't be dicks. It makes the baby Castiel cry. And that makes papa Sam cry. And we don't want that.

(Yes, feel free to imagine horrible daddy kink places, now. I'm right there with you.)
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